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A Non-Player Character (NPC) is an automated character that provides a service to players. Most NPCs are vendors, selling items in exchange for coins, and vice versa. Exceptions are the Guide, who provides information, and the Nurse, who provides health restoration in exchange for coins and the Dryad who can tell you how corrupt your world is. A player can utilize NPCs by standing near and right-clicking on them.

Spawn Conditions

To spawn all but three of the 19 NPCs (the Guide, the Old Man, and the Travelling Merchant) the player must build a suitable 10x6 home. This consists of a light source, flat surface item, and comfort item enclosed by blocks with a door or platforms to access the outside and proper walls. Furthermore, each NPC has one other unique requirement for spawning, which are listed below (more information in the home page). This doesn't exclude the guide, who still requires the same to respawn should he die. NPCs will not spawn during an event or if the house is in an area affected by to much corruption. NPCs will only spawn during the daytime. All NPCs except Santa Claus, Old Man and Stylist have randomly generated names.

List of NPCs (As of 1.2.3)

NPC 22

  • The Guide is gained at the start of any map. He is the first NPC you will have.
  • The Guide gives advice that can prevent new players from getting stuck.
  • He also tells you which items can be crafted with certain materials.

NPC 17

NPC 18

  • A Nurse is acquired when your character has found and used a Heart Crystal. She heals you for a certain price depending of your health.
  • Note - She can be obtained on a world so long as someone has previously used a Heart Crystal. In other words, it doesn't need to be consumed on that world.
  • Since the 1.1 update, you can no longer spawn more than 1 Nurse.
  • She doesn't sell anything.

NPC 38

NPC 19
Arms Dealer

NPC 20

  • The Dryad is acquired after you have beaten a Boss in that world. You can beat any boss in order to get the Dryad.

NPC 37
Old Man

  • The Old Man is found at the entrance to the Dungeon. He will be freed as you defeat his captor: Skeletron. After defeating Skeletron he will arrive at your house as the Clothier.

NPC 54

NPC 124

NPC 107
Goblin Tinkerer

  • The Goblin Tinkerer is found bound within the Dungeon, the Underground Jungle, or simply Underground after defeating the Goblin Army.
  • You must right click him to unbind him.
  • He sells Rocket Boots, Rulers, the Tinkerer's Workshop, the Grappling Hook, the Toolbelt, and Spiky Balls.
  • He offers Reforging of your items for a fee.

NPC 108

NPC 142
Santa Claus

  • Santa Claus is acquired when you have defeated the Frost Legion. (Will now die if your computer date is past Dec. 31 and will not respawn.)

NPC 178

NPC 207
Dye Trader

  • The Dye Trader will only appear once the player has any type of dye material and there is a suitable house for him. Once these conditions have been fulfilled, he will move in and begin selling items.
  • He sells Silver Dye and Dye Vats.
  • Added in 1.2

NPC 208
Party Girl

  • The Party Girl will only appear with a 9% chance every day once the player has at least 8 NPCs and there is a suitable house for her. Once these conditions have been fulfilled, she will move in and begin selling items.
  • She sells the Confetti Gun, Smoke Bombs, Bubble Machine, Confetti, and celebratory rockets.
  • Added in 1.2

NPC 209

  • The Cyborg will only appear after defeating Plantera and there is a suitable house for him. Once these conditions have been fulfilled, he will move in and begin selling items.
  • He sells explosive rockets.
  • Added in 1.2

NPC 227

  • The Painter will only appear after at least 3 NPCs have moved into your town and there is a suitable house for him. Once these conditions have been fulfilled, he will move in and begin selling items.
  • He sells tools for painting tiles and walls including the Paintbrush, Paint Roller, Paint Scraper and a variety of paint colors.
  • Added in 1.2

Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor


NPC 229

NPC 353

Travelling Merchant

  • The Travelling Merchant spawns randomly if you have 2 or more NPCs.
  • His inventory is different each time he spawns.
  • Added in 1.2.3


  • NPCs can only jump 3 blocks high.
  • The Guide is an NPC that spawns upon creating a new world. He will move into the first house you build.
  • If a house occupied by an NPC is destroyed, the NPC will move out, but will walk around in the same area and will no longer stay still at night, until the house is restored or a new one is built elsewhere.
  • When night begins, NPCs will walk into their house and remain there until dawn, at which point they will walk around again and go through doors.
  • All NPCs have 250 HP and can take damage from enemies, (with exception of the Old Man) though their health automatically regenerates over time, and a killed NPC will respawn and move back into its house (provided it is still standing with all requirements met).
  • Items sold to NPCs (as of the 1.0.5 update) may be re-purchasable at the same price until the player closes the shop screen.
  • Currently, the Guide and the Clothier are the only NPCs you can damage and kill with weapons, you can do this by equipping the Guide Voodoo Doll and the Clothier Voodoo Doll in an accessory slot. Other NPCs can only be damaged and killed with lava, boulders, traps, monsters, or Rotten Eggs
  • As of 1.2.1 all NPCs can be damaged (And even killed with few eggs,if in Stealth mode) using Rotten Eggs (Altough they can only be obtained during halloween,through the Goodie Bag,an item only dropped during halloween)
  • NPCs will automatically teleport back to their home if they have just spawned or if it is night-time and they are unable to get back to their house. However, if you can see their house OR the NPC they can not teleport back to their house.
  • With the 1.1 update, all NPCs (excluding the Old Man and Santa Claus) now have randomly generated names. Many of the names are references to well-known characters from Legend, or in some cases Deities, or Higher Powers of some Religions. Some are even references to well-known games or films.
  • If you leave a bound NPC without rescuing him or her, the NPC will not be at the same location the next time you visit it.
  • All female NPCs (excluding Party Girl) become irritable during a blood moon, snapping at the player when being talked to.
  • NPCs can live in houses made from Demonite bricks.
  • You can respawn Santa Claus by setting the date of your computer to 15-31 December.
  • To choose which room to put your NPCs in you must press esc, then press the little house symbol above your armor. Then you can drag the portrait of the NPC to the room where you wish to place them.
  • Don't be fooled! The Lost Girl introduced in 1.2 is not an NPC, do NOT approach her unless you have a good set of armor, due to her strong attack and high health for new players.
  • A notification will be displayed in the bottom-left corner EG: "Harold the Painter has arrived"
  • Pumpkins are great for NPC houses, one fully grown pumpkin is able to provide enough Pumpkin Wall for a whole NPC house.
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