Necromancers are high level mages found only in the Dungeon in Hardmode after Plantera has been defeated. They are similar in appearance to Dark Casters, being essentially Skeletons wearing blue robes (with several key differences in appearance). Although they appear with these robes, they are not dropped by the enemy. They have the ability to teleport, and attack the player with a Shadow Beam, which can bounce off walls multiple times in an attack.

They are similar in attack style to Fire Imps and Dark Casters.They can be very annoying if the player is attempting to loot items from chests. However, if the player has enabled or by default, with the Auto-pause feature they can take items from chests without much trouble. Having a Cobalt Shield will also make the process easier. The Nettle Burst is useful against them because of the constant damage they will be unable to teleport or cast the Shadow Beam.

Necromancers can pose a great threat to players, even those equipped with good armor and weapons, as they deal a lot of damage with their Shadow Beam, which travels quickly, can reach players attempting to take cover and has a quick rate of fire. Melee players may find necromancers even more
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Necromancer in dungeon

challenging, as they teleport after taking a single melee hit.

The Necromancer also occasionally drops Golden Keys, which are able to unlock locked Golden Chests in Dungeons.

Players that wish to farm in the Dungeon should be aware that it is quite possible for Shadow Beams to glitch their way through single block thick walls and continue bouncing around on the other side. This is very annoying, as it allows the Necromancers to hit the player even when within an enclosed box. Walls that are more than one block thick seem to be safe.
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Necromancer in dungeon


  • A good way to kill the Necromancer is by using the Possessed Hatchet, which is sometimes dropped by the Golem. It has an incredibly high base damage, and is homing, so you can simply throw it and it will head straight for the Necromancer. 4 - 5 hits will kill it.
  • The Piranha Gun is a great weapon against Necromancers, as the piranha launched on the Necromancer will chase after him restlessly, until the Necromancer died or teleported out of range.


  • Necromancers seem to only spawn in the brick wall section of the dungeon (Blue Brick Wall, Green Brick Wall, Pink Brick Wall), not the sections with slab walls or tile walls.
  • They can spawn as two different looking sprites, one hunched over, or one standing more upright. They both have different stats from each other.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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