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NPC 18
Type NPC
Sub Type Town
HP 250 Heart
Defense 15

The Nurse restores your remaining Health and heals Debuffs in exchange for Coins. She charges 80% of the total Health Points to be restored in Copper Coins (rounded down), e.g. 100 Health would cost 80 CopperCoin Small.

For the Nurse to appear, the player must have increased their maximum health at least once by acquiring and using a Life Crystal. There must also be a vacant house for her to live in.

Terraria How to get the Nurse01:21

Terraria How to get the Nurse


  • When trying to heal but there is no room left for the change money, the nurse will say the same things as she would say when the player doesn't have enough money.
  • In the case that the player has a debuff inflicted upon them, such as "On Fire!" or "Poisoned", the Nurse will heal them for a price, regardless of the player's current health. (If the player's health is under max, she will charge for that too.)
  • If the player attempts to remove "Potion Sickness" using the Nurse, the debuff timer will disappear, but the player will still not be able to drink healing potions until the debuff would have worn off normally.
  • The Nurse's price is updated in real time, including adjustments accounting for the player's natural health regeneration.
  • Like most other female NPC's she will be very irritable during blood moon and snap at you as you try to talk to her.

Bugs & Glitches

  • When the player has the Water Candle debuff in effect the Nurse will try to remove it for 7 SilverCoin Small and 50 CopperCoin Small


  • The Nurse's room is a good place to place your bed. If you are in a battle with a Boss, and you are low on Health, you can easily heal yourself if you are teleporting to your house at the Nurse. This strategy is not handy while battling the Wall of Flesh, because then you'll get instantly killed when you use a Magic Mirror.

Update Info


  • Is now designated a randomly generated name when spawned.


  • Introduced.
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