The Ogre is a mini-boss that spawns during the Old One's Army event. It serves as the main boss of the second tier of the event and a mini-boss in the third tier of the event.

Battle Info

The Ogre's different attacks are as follows:

  • The Ogre throws a large snotball at the nearest player or Crystal, inflicting the Oozed debuff on any nearby player, slowing them down significantly. However, flying with wings or a mount such as the Cute Fishron nullifies the debuff.
  • In medium range, the Ogre will occasionally attack by jumping into the air and land with a shockwave, dealing area damage of about ten blocks outwards in each direction on the ground, dealing high damage and knockback.
  • The Ogre's final attack is close ranged, affecting only a target right in front of it, the Ogre attacks with a simple swing of his club. This attack does incredible damage and knockback, and thus it is recommended to watch out for this attack in particular.


  • The Ogre is immune to knockback, rendering knockback-based weapons useless against them.
  • Ogres are one of the more annoying enemies in the Old One's Army, as they require much attention to defeat and can distract from more important issues such as having to fight Betsy at the same time.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.