This enemy is found only in the console version(s) of Terraria.
v Orca
Type Monster
Rarity Uncommon
HP 400 Heart
Attack 60
Defense 20
Spawn Time Sun Moon CharmNew (Anytime)
Spawn Area Coral Ocean Biome
4 SilverCoin Small? 100%
Diving Helmet 2%
Orca Banner 0.5%

The Orca is an enemy found only in the console and mobile versions of Terraria. When compared to Sharks (which they are based off of), they have the same AI type, a lower spawn rate, more health, higher attack, and the same chance of dropping a Diving Helmet.


Considering how Orcas are essentially stronger Sharks, they can be dealt with in much the same way. For instance, like most monsters which only spawn in water, they will be passive towards players which are not in the water. This fact can be exploited to attack them with ranged weapons from the shore without fear of repercussions.

Update Info

Console release

  • Added to the game.