The Party Center is a item that when placed and right clicked, will activate a "party". The item depicts Terraria's iconic little green tree with a balloon on either side of it.


  • When activated, every NPC except for the Tax Collector will have a burst of confetti around them and they will be wearing a party hat.
  • Bunnies will also be found with party hats on.
  • If the Travelling Merchant comes to town during a party, he will also be wearing a party hat and will say a party related phrase when engaged.
  • The background will appear similar to a Slime Rain, with colored balloons floating upward everywhere. Some balloons will appear in bundles.
  • During the party, the Party Girl and the Clothier will sell new items.
  • All of the NPCs will have new party related dialogue (except for the Tax Collector).
  • At 7:30pm, the party will end and the message "Party time's over!" will appear. The Party Center can however, be clicked again at this point for a party through the night.
  • Parties can also happen randomly by one or more NPCs, with the status message "Looks like (NPC)&(NPC) are throwing a party!"

Update Info


  • Added to the game.