Item 621
Type Block
Sub-Type Material
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 999
Quality Tier 0
Dropped By Pearlwood Trees
Drop Rate 100%
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 2 Pearlwood Platform
Crafted At Anywhere
Material In Pearlwood Bathtub
Pearlwood Bed
Pearlwood Bookcase
Pearlwood Candelabra
Pearlwood Candle
Pearlwood Chair
Pearlwood Chandelier
Pearlwood Chest
Pearlwood Clock
Pearlwood Door
Pearlwood Dresser
Pearlwood Fence
Pearlwood Lamp
Pearlwood Lantern
Pearlwood Piano
Pearlwood Platform
Pearlwood Sofa
Pearlwood Table
Pearlwood Wall
Pearlwood Work Bench
Pearlwood Bow
Pearlwood Hammer
Pearlwood Sword
Pearlwood Helmet
Pearlwood Breastplate
Pearlwood Greaves
All standard Wood recipes

Pearlwood is a type of wood dropped by Pearlwood trees found only in The Hallow. It can be used to craft most items that wood can, only they would have the prefix "Pearlwood" as opposed to "Wood" and they differ in appearance. Can be used to make Pearlwood armor, which has different aesthetic looks to the other wood armor sets.

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