This page is about Pet Bunny, not to be mistaken with the normal Bunny.
The Pet Bunny is a summonable creature available only in the Terraria Collector's Edition. It can be summoned with a Carrot.

When the Carrot is used, an eating sound similar to that of eating a Mushroom will play and a buff called "Pet Bunny" will appear, with the tooltip "I think it wants your carrot".

If you are too far away from the bunny, it will "fly" towards the player with the Spectre Boots particle effect. When flying, the bunny will go through blocks to reach the player.

Pet Bunny Sprites

Several Sprites of a white Pet Bunny.


  • The bunny will be the same color as your shirt when creating your character.
  • The bunny has no known uses in the game, as it cannot affect enemies or items.
  • Before the 1.2 patch the pet bunny is not able to stand on wooden platforms, and will therefore fall through it, sometimes having to fly back up to the player.
  • Only some dyes work on it.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.