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Phasesabers are the upgraded version of Phaseblades. All phasesabers require their phaseblade counterpart along with 50 Crystal Shards for crafting.
There are many types of Phasesabers:

Saber Damage Recipe
Blue Phasesaber

Item 198o

41 16px-Damagetype melee 1x Blue Phaseblade, 50x Crystal Shard
Red Phasesaber

Item 199o

41 16px-Damagetype melee 1x Red Phaseblade, 50x Crystal Shard
Green Phasesaber

Item 200o

41 16px-Damagetype melee 1x Green Phaseblade, 50x Crystal Shard
Purple Phasesaber

Item 201o

41 16px-Damagetype melee 1x Purple Phaseblade, 50x Crystal Shard
White Phasesaber

Item 202o

41 16px-Damagetype melee 1x White Phaseblade, 50x Crystal Shard
Yellow Phasesaber

Item 203o

41 16px-Damagetype melee 1x Yellow Phaseblade, 50x Crystal Shard

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