vPigron Mount 
Pigron Mount Sprite   Pigron Mount
Type Mount/Pet
Summoned with Scaly Truffle
Tooltip Now you see me...
The Pigron Mount is summoned by using the Scaly Truffle. It allows the player to fly, along with granting them very swift movement speed.
Pigron - Terraria 1.202:17

Pigron - Terraria 1.2.4 Guide New Mount! - GullofDoom


  • The summoned pigron will always be pink regardless of the conditions when obtained and/or used.
  • The pigron also increases the height of the player, therefore deeming it impossible to pass through doors normally.
  • The pigron can hover and fly in a straight line almost like a hoverboard.
  • At top speed, running on land is faster on a Pigron Mount than it is using Lightning Boots.
  • Flight time on a Pigron Mount is comparable to Frozen Wings/Flame Wings/Spectre Wings/Beetle Wings/Leaf Wings.
  • There is no movement bonus in liquids.
  • The top running speed of a Pigron Mount is 46mph.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.