v216Pirate Captain
NPC 216
Type Monster
Rarity Rare Unique (3.33%)
HP 3000/6000 Icon pc
2000 Icon Console Icon mobile Heart
Attack 70 / 140 (Melee)
200 / 400 (Cannonball)
30 / 60 (Bullet)
Defense 30 Icon pc
28 Icon Console Icon mobile
Variety Pirate
Spawn Time Pwnhammer Icon (Hard Mode)
Summoned By Pirate Map
Immune To Poisoned
Banner(?) Pirate Captain Banner
5 GoldCoin Small? 100%
Cutlass 2%
Discount Card 0.2%
Lucky Coin 0.1%
Coin Gun 0.05%
Gold Ring 0.4%

Pirate Captains are a Hard Mode miniboss that spawn as part of the Pirate Invasion event, which is triggered by the Pirate Map. Out of all the pirates, they are the strongest and have the most defense. They are also quite resistant to knockback, despite their size (about the size of a player). They can be very deadly due to their cannon, which is able to inflict large amounts of damage to a player.


  • Focus all damage and attacks on the Pirate Captain as he will not be able to attack with his cannon or his repetitive firing weapon as long as he is receiving damage. A rapid-fire weapon is helpful in this situation, such as the Minishark, Megashark or Uzi.
  • A strategy for weak players are to fight them is to build a barrier, wait for it to come and use any weapon that could penetrate blocks or avoid the player from damage (Death SickleStaff of the Frost Hydra).

Update Info


  • Health increased from 2000 to 3000, defense increased from 28 to 30.


  • Fixed bug where pirate captains would be dismembered into 5 heads instead of 1 body.


  • Added to the game.