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v214Pirate Deadeye
NPC 214
Type Monster
HP 150 Heart
Attack 30
Defense 12
Spawn Time During Pirate Invasion
Immune To Poisoned
Banner(?) Pirate Deadeye Banner
10 SilverCoin Small? 100%
Coin Gun 0.0125%
Lucky Coin 0.025%
Discount Card 0.05%
Cutlass 0.5%
Sailor Hat 0.2%
Eye Patch 0.2%
Sailor Shirt 0.2%
Sailor Pants 0.2%
Golden Chair 0.33%
Golden Table 0.33%
Golden Toilet 0.33%
Golden Door 0.33%
Golden Bed 0.33%

The Pirate Deadeye is a Pirate Deckhand with a gun and an Eye Patch. It uses a gun to attack which has decent damage and a high fire rate. The Pirate Deadeye's gun's damage is more than the Deckhand's melee damage.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.