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Pirate Army

The Pirate Army as shown in the 1.2 trailer

The Pirate Invasion is an event added in the 1.2 update. They behave similarly to the Goblin Army and Frost Legion, and are summoned by using a Pirate Map, dropped by any enemy killed in an Ocean Biome. When all of the enemies in this event are defeated, the Pirate NPC will move into an available house. A Pirate Invasion has a 1/15 chance to occur every day once the Wall of Flesh has been defeated. A warning message, "Pirates are approaching from the (East/West)!" will repeat a few times until "The Pirates have arrived!" displays and Pirates begin spawning.

Note that your world must be in Hard Mode in order to obtain the Map. There are 6 event-exclusive enemies that appear during this event.

Terraria - Pirate Invasion and Pirate NPC02:11

Terraria - Pirate Invasion and Pirate NPC

Mob Spawns



Parrot (100 health) Parrot Banner (0.5%)
Pirate Deckhand (200 health) Check "Possible Drops"
Pirate Corsair (300 health) Check "Possible Drops"
Pirate Crossbower (260 health)

Check "Possible Drops"

Pirate Deadeye (150 health) Check "Possible Drops"
Pirate Captain (2000 health, strong defense)

Check "Possible Drops"

(Captain has doubled drop rates)

Possible Drops

Note:  Some items may or may not be dropped by the Pirate Captain.

Note: All items on this section are not dropped by the Parrot.


  • A Pirate Invasion will not occur if there is already a Goblin Invasion in the world, even if a Pirate Map is used.
  • You cannot summon another pirate invasion if one is currently occuring, even if a Pirate Map is used.
  • Just like the Goblin Army, an in-game week must pass before another can occur.


Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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