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v287Poisoned Knife
Item 287
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Thrown Weapon
Damage? 13 Shuriken
Inflicts Poisoned
Use Time 14 (Very Fast)
Knockback 2 (Very Weak)
Max Stack 999
Quality Tier 0
Sell Value 12 CopperCoin Small
Crafted With Makes 50
50 Throwing Knives
1 Vile Powder or 1 Vicious Powder
Crafted At Anywhere

The Poisoned Knife is the upgraded version of the Throwing Knife, which is exactly the same except that the Poisoned Knife inflicts more damage and inflicts the poisoned debuff. Like all throwing knives, this weapon can also pierce.

Terraria Poisoned Knife01:25

Terraria Poisoned Knife

Update Info


  • Can be crafted from Vicious Powder.
  • Amount crafted increased.


  • Damage lowered from 15 to 13.
  • Now inflicts the Poisoned debuff.


  • Added to the game.

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