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v Pumpkin Armor
Type Armor
Sub-Type Armor Set
Body Slot Helmet/Shirt/Pants Slots (Full Set)
Set Bonus 10% increased damage
Defense 7
Quality Tier 0
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 75 Pumpkins
Crafted At Work Bench

The Pumpkin Armor set is an easily obtainable armor set during Halloween, but hard to obtain at any other time of the year. Pumpkin Armors pieces have the same Defence bonus as parts of Iron Armor, even though Iron Armor set bonus offers +2 defence compared to Pumpkin Armor set bonus +10% Damage. Pumpkin Armor set consists of:

It's crafted by using Pumpkins, which can be obtained by planting Pumpkin Seeds and waiting for them to grow.

Terraria - Pumpkin Armor (Wiki)01:29

Terraria - Pumpkin Armor (Wiki)

Pumpkin Armor - Terraria 1.201:36

Pumpkin Armor - Terraria 1.2.1 Guide New Easymode Armor!


  • It takes a total of 75 Pumpkins to craft the entire set.
  • During Halloween, Pumpkins grow almost everywhere, but to get Pumpkins when it is not Halloween, you need to buy Pumpkin Seeds from the Dryad, then plant and wait for them to grow.


The Pumpkin Armor might be a reference to the armor made in MSPA's Jailbreak.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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