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3 Pyramids

A Pyramid is a naturally-occurring structure created from Sandstone Bricks that will spawn in any Desert of sufficient size in a world. Inside each Pyramid is a winding tunnel which will contain one or more treasure rooms. Most worlds with a pyramid in them will have a functioning wall to stop corruption or the hallow spreading in Hard Mode through the desert as the Pyramids' structure will stop it.

The Pyramid always has a main room. It contains a chest, containing various unique items and other furniture etc. Items.

Once settled in, pyramids can protect the player from monsters and obtain a large amount of sandstone. If not the case, it is a very good shelter for the night when the entrance is blocked off.




  • Sometimes, a pyramid will spawn with a bag of coins inside. (copper, silver, or gold) CoinBags
  • The chance of a world generating with a pyramid is approximately 15%.

Update Info


  • Pyramids are slightly more common.


  • Added to the game.

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