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Quests are mini adventures given to a player by the Angler NPC that will yield a reward handed to the character upon completion.


Angler Quests

Angler Rewards can be gained at any time and must be completed before 4:30am. Only one Quest can be gained in a day.

Mutant Flinxfin before 4:30amVariesSnow Biome
Wyverntail before 4:30amVariesFloating Islands
Fallen Starfish before 4:30amVariesFloating Islands
Spiderfish before 4:30amVariesUnderground
Pengfish before 4:30amVariesSnow Biome
Bunnyfish before 4:30amVariesForest
Batfish before 4:30amVariesUnderground
Dirtfish before 4:30amVariesForest
Mudfish before 4:30amVariesJungle
Fishotron before 4:30amVariesUnderground
Demonic Hellfish before 4:30amVariesUnderworld
Dynamite Fish before 4:30amVariesForest
Zombie Fish before 4:30amVariesForest
Tropical Barracuda before 4:30amVariesJungle
Bumblebee Tuna before 4:30amVariesHive Biome
Harpyfish before 4:30amVariesForest
Guide Voodoo Fish before 4:30amVaries
Angelfish before 4:30amVariesHigh Altitude
Clownfish before 4:30amVariesOcean
The Fish of Cthulhu before 4:30amVariesForest
Mirage Fish before 4:30amVariesUnderground Hallow
Catfish before 4:30amVaries Jungle
Hungerfish before 4:30amVaries
Cursed Fish before 4:30amVaries Corruption
Cap'n Tunabeard before 4:30amVaries Ocean
Tundra Trout before 4:30amVaries Snow Biome
Cloudfish before 4:30amVaries Floating Island
Bone fish before 4:30VariesUnderground
Bloody Manowar before 4:30amVaries The Crimson
Jewelfish before 4:30amVaries Underground
Fishron before 4:30amVaries Underground Snow Biome
Derpfish before 4:30amVaries Jungle

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