Rudolph is the first mount in Terraria, added in the PC 1.2.2 Christmas update. Rudolph is spawned by using the Reindeer Bells, and is a very quick method of transportation. One can obtain the Reindeer Bells from the Frost Moon event, as it drops from the Ice Queen after Wave 15.

Rudolph's speed stacks with the speed of running on asphalt, and therefore he can cover a lot of ground very quickly. He also has the ability to fly, similar to wings but faster, and the ability to hover, much like the Hoverboard. However, riding Rudolph increases the height of the player by two blocks, so one cannot go through doors. He can be dismissed by right-clicking the Rudolph buff below the inventory bar, or by using the hot key set to summon him on 1.3


  • Rudolph's red nose emits a small amount of light, and doesn't fade away by the stealthing effect of the Shroomite Armor.


Update Info


  • Misspelling fixed


  • Added to the game.