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v269 / 270 / 271 / 272Rusty Armored Bones
Type Monster
HP N/A Heart
Spawn Time After defeating Plantera
Spawn Area Dungeon Guardian Dungeon
10 SilverCoin Small? 100%
Adhesive Bandage 1%
Keybrand 0.33%
Magnet Sphere 0.25%
Wisp in a Bottle 0.17%
Bone Feather 0.22%
v Rusty Armored Bones (1)
NPC 269
Type Monster
HP 550 Heart
Attack 70
Defense 34
v Rusty Armored Bones (2)
NPC 270
Type Monster
HP 400 Heart
Attack 55
Defense 50
v Rusty Armored Bones (3)
Rusty Armored Bones 3(2)
Type Monster
HP 450 Heart
Attack 70
Defense 40
v Rusty Armored Bones (4)
Rusty Armored Bones 4(2)
Type Monster
HP 400 Heart
Attack 75
Defense 28

Rusty Armored Bones are Hard Mode monsters found in the dungeon. As with all Hard Mode Dungeon monsters, they can't be found until one has killed Plantera. They can only be found in the Rusted Company area in the dungeon, marked by Rusted Company Standard banners.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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