The Sandgun's ammo is sand which is affected by gravity. When the sand projectile hits any object, it will turn into a clump that will gather on the ground making the ammo reusable. This makes the Sandgun a very messy weapon and can ruin a house if fired indoors too much. It is possible to hit oneself.

The Sandgun can also use Ebonsand BlocksCrimsand Blocks and Pearlsand Blocks as ammo, on top of normal sand.

Terraria - Sandgun

Terraria - Sandgun

The Sandgun is very tedious to obtain, because the Illegal Gun Parts cost 25 GoldCoin Small and Antlion Mandibles take time to get. Most online servers ban the Sandgun.

Sand Gun

The Sandgun in use.

Even with the mess it can make, the Sandgun is perfect for creating walls and blocking off entrances if you are good at aiming and quick to think. Otherwise, your world will turn into a messy sand palace.


  • With the effects of Necro Armor or the hardmode ranged sets (chance not to use ammo) combined with the sand gun, a player can theoretically generate an infinite amount of sand, Ebonsand Blocks, Pearlsand Blocks, and Crimsand Blocks.
  • Ebonsand, Pearlsand, and Crimsand Blocks can go through the enemies while regular sand can't.
  • Sandgun doesn't do any critical damage, which is a disadvantage to this gun.
  • An easy method of obtaining the Antlion Mandibles is visiting a desert biome with a Battle Potion and/or Water Candle, due to the increased spawn rate. All Antlion monsters have the ability to drop Antlion Mandibles.


  • When shooting at an area where an object is in the background but still using the space, the sand that drops from the projectile will disappear.
  • Sometimes firing the Sandgun in multiplayer, the server will kick you with the phrase "Trying to place impossible blocks", possibly because of the aforementioned bug.


The Sandgun's texture uses the Illegal Gun Parts' texture for most of the gun. The barrel and the handle use the Illegal Gun Parts' texture.

Update Info



  • Damage increased from 10 to 30.
  • Speed increased from Fast to Very Fast.
  • Can use Pearlsand and Ebonsand Blocks as ammo.


  • Added to the game.