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Santank (Phase 1)   Santank (Phase 2)
Phase 1 and Phase 2
Type Monster
Sub Type Boss
Rarity 0.18%
HP 18000/23400 Heart
Attack 120 / 180 (Melee)
72 / 144 (Chain Gun)
160 / 320 (Spike Balls)
84 / 168 (Missiles)
100 / 200 (Presents)
Defense 56
Spawn Time Frost Moon
(waves 7-10,13-Final)
Summoned By Naughty Present
Inflicts  ?
Immune To On Fire!
Trophy(?) Santa-NK1 Trophy
1 GoldCoin Small? 100%
Chain Gun 8.33%-12.5%
Elf Melter 8.33%-12.5%

Santa-NK1 is a tough boss added in the Christmas update. They spawn during the Frost Moon event in waves 7-10, and 13-20. Like most bosses, it has two phases. It has four different attacks; rockets, physical damage, bullets and present care packages.[1]


  • The rockets can go through walls, which resembles the Mourning Wood's missile attack.
  • The bullets shoot really fast, as fast as the Chain Gun, and can do heaps of damage in a short amount of time. They are easy to avoid as the bullets don't go through blocks.
  • The present care packages fly out from the Santa-NK1 and after a certain height, they'll float back down with a parachute. They deal quite high damage, and can go through blocks.
  • In the Mobile Version, Santa-NK1's face doesn't come off until its death.

Terraria Santank! (NEW BOSS, Portal Gun, Terraria 2, and MORE)10:01

Terraria Santank! (NEW BOSS, Portal Gun, Terraria 2, and MORE)


  • Using weapons that have a high DPS far and high above the Santa-NK1 such as a Megashark, making avoiding the Santa-NK1's attacks a lot easier, and killing the Santa-NK1 faster.


  • "Santa-NK1" is actually a play on the word "Santank", the name used commonly for Santa-NK1.
  • Santa-NK1's face coming off in the second phase, revealing a metallic skull, may be a reference to the Terminator.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


  1. Loki ISP (December 09, 2013). "Terraria Toys for Tots Stream Xmas Update Spoilers!". Terraria Online. Retrieved December 11, 2013.

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