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v1238Sapphire Hook
Item 1238
Type Tool
Sub-Type Grappling Device
Quality Tier 1
Sell Value 40 SilverCoin Small
Crafted With 15 Sapphires
Crafted At Iron Anvil
Lead Anvil

The Sapphire Hook is a gemstone variant of the Grappling Hook. This is a viable alternative to the regular grappling hook for those who have a stockpile of Sapphire or find many while mining. It costs 15 Sapphires to craft at an Iron Anvil. It also has a slightly further reach than the grappling hook.


  • Same as the other hooks, when a player grapples on to a door and opens the door, they will simply launch or get thrown out.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
    Terraria Gem Hooks! Bigger and Longer Hooks? Help and Howto-204:24

    Terraria Gem Hooks! Bigger and Longer Hooks? Help and Howto-2

    Here is an explination and comparison about all of the Gem Hooks including the Sapphire Hook - EagleEyeBT

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