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Terraria Server

A Terraria server is a program that makes available an open game world that others can join. To run a server, a user can run TerrariaServer.exe.

By default, the TerrariaServer.exe can be found in: (SteamAppsDirectory)\common\Terraria. Alternative try Terraria Dedicated Server Gui to manage your dedicated Server.

A player then may join the server from game menu, choosing Multiplayer.

The server runs on port 7777 by default. The default number of max players is 8. You can set a password for your server if you only want to play with your friends too! This can be changed during server startup and in the server configuration file: serverconfig.txt.

IP Addresses

  • To host a server, you need to give others your external IP address for them to be able to join. If you don't know your external IP address, you can easily check it on or
  • If your IP address starts with 192.168 or 172.16, that's your internal IP address, and it won't work for people outside of your house/work environment. When hosting a server, do not give other people your internal IP address as it won't work for them.
  • The address is known as localhost, a loopback reference to your computer. You cannot host a server at this address, other people will not be able to join it.
  • Also note that, if your IP starts with 192.168 or 172.16, you are probably behind a router, and you will need to open/forward some ports (default: 7777) to make it work. This process is different for each brand of router. To learn how it works, you will need to do a Google search for the brand of your router and look for information about port forwarding. You can also look for your router on for detailed instructions.


If you see a sign you should read it. It could be telling you someone lives there, you get permission to go somewhere/someones house, and the rules of the server.

TShock may be useful when you are hosting a server, for anti-griefing purposes.

You can manage your TShock server from your web browser at and to easily get more players from the server list for free!

Server owners can post their servers for free on the Terraria server list :

or via the Terraria Online Forums.

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