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v328Shadow Chest
ShadowChest Locked   ShadowChest Unlocked
Type Item
Sub-Type Storage
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 99
Quality Tier 0
Found In The Underworld
Sell Value 10 SilverCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

Shadow Chests are chests found rarely in The Underworld. These can contain semi rare and powerful items such as the Sunfury, Flamelash, Dark Lance, and the Flower of Fire.

To open a Shadow Chest, the player will need a Shadow Key, which can open an unlimited amount of Shadow Chests without being consumed. Once a Shadow Chest is unlocked and emptied, it can be picked up after being broken down with a Pickaxe. Shadow Keys can be obtained from chests in the Dungeon, or rarely in underground chests. In the right lighting conditions, Shadow Chests may look like Golden Chests, this is often seen in The Underworld.

Shadow chest lookalike

The normal shadow chest.

Golden chest lookalike

The shadow chest appearing to be golden.

May Contain:

One of those items:

Other items it may contain:

Update Info


  • Shadow Chests can be renamed.


  • Added to the game.


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