The Shrimpy Truffle is a drop from the Duke Fishron Treasure Bag that drops on Expert Mode. Equipping and using this will summon a Cute Fishron Mount which will hover and fly infinitely and will obtain a speed boost once it touches water. A good strategy is to put bubbles with water purchased by the Party Girl NPC to get a massive speed boost in the air without having to dive in to water pools.


  • The Fishron Mount will also gain the speed bonus if you touch honey or lava.
  • The speed boost is also gained if the player riding it has half health or less.
  • When you get the liquid boost, the Fishron Mount's eyes will glow, and they glow with whatever color the water is in that biome. (eg. Pink in Hallow)
Terraria 103:49

Terraria 1.3 - Duke Fishron Mount! , Fishron Expert Mode Drop - Terraria Guide GullofDoom

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  • Added to the game.

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