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v110Skeleton Archer
NPC 110
Type Monster
Rarity Common
HP 210 Heart
Attack Melee: 55
Ranged: 78
Defense 28
Spawn Time Pwnhammer Icon (Hard Mode)
Sun Moon CharmNew (Anytime)
Inflicts On Fire!
Banner(?) Skeleton Archer Banner
4 SilverCoin Small? 100%
Magic Quiver 1%
Marrow 0.5%

The Skeleton Archer is a monster found in the underground Corruption and The Hallow after you defeat the Wall of Flesh. It fires Flaming Arrows that can hit from a distance. The Skeleton Archer has a small chance of dropping the Marrow. While they are very dangerous in three block high shafts, they can be put to rest quite easily in close combat. Be careful as they can shoot you even if they are off-screen, dealing heavy damage. If a skeleton archer is holding out his bow and you hit him, the following arrow will not be shot. If you get hit by the arrow, there is a chance you will get the On Fire! debuff. The Flaming Arrows he shoots aren't extinguished underwater.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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