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Slime Monsters are a set of monsters, identified as slightly transparent blobs that slowly hop toward the player in an attempt to attack. They are most likely going to be the first enemies you find in the game. They are the most common enemies in Terraria, able to spawn at any time of day and in nearly every biome. There are many types, all differing in appearance, stats, and behavior: As a general rule, however, the stronger the slime, the higher and more frequently they will jump at the player. They will all drop gel and coins.

Pre-Hard Mode

Hard Mode


  • All Slimes can ascend Wood Platforms, but not descend them due to the fact that they can only jump.
  • All Slimes float on water (it is possible to temporarily escape Slimes by going underwater).
  • Blue Slimes and the King Slime can also be spawned by powering a Slime Statue or using a Slime Crown.
    • Due to this and the King Slime fight, there are more ways to spawn a Blue Slime than any other slime.
  • Yellow Slimes and Purple Slimes seem to spawn more often at dawn after unlocking Hard Mode.
  • Baby Slimes and Slimelings only spawn off their dead mother counterparts, Mother Slimes and Corrupt Slimes, and Shadow Slime, respectively.
  • Small slimes such as Green Slime, Red Slime etc. Sometimes can clip through blocks.
  • The Halloween Update (1.2.1) added slimes that have bunny masks, are highly transparent with a slight blue color, and have identical stats to a blue slime.
  • As of 1.3, slimes can sometimes spawn with items inside them. This has been observed with ores, potions, and coins, and the items are visible inside them. They will always drop a number of them along with their normal drops.
  • Slimes have a particular jump pattern. It first jumps 2 small jumps (about 6 blocks) then jumps a higher jump. (about 10 blocks)
  • Because it can only jump to move, it may get stuck in a small space.
  • Yellow Slimes and Purple Slimes seem to spawn nearer to the edge of the world.
  • During Expert Mode, Slimes are able to kill players if they have the weakest gear which is the copper tools and copper sword.

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