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vSlime Mount 
Slime Mount Sprite   Slime Mount
Type Mount/Pet
Summoned with Slimy Saddle

The Slime Mount is summoned with a Slimy Saddle, which is dropped by King Slime. It's a ground mount with decent speed but the selling point is the high jumps. The player does still receive fall damage while riding, but like every slime it can float on water. Also, jumping on monsters with slime mount causes mobs to take damage, while you receive no damage. Though if a mob should come into contact in any other part of the mount, you will take damage. While riding the Slime Mount, a particle trail much like the trail full Shadow Armor boasts will be visible no matter what you are wearing.

Slime mount

Slime Mount on Water

Slime Mount - Terraria 1.201:30

Slime Mount - Terraria 1.2.4 Guide New Mount! - GullofDoom

Update Info


  • Can be dyed
  • Can now damage enemies by jumping on top of them.


  • Added to the game.

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