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Spells are magical items the player can use, they require mana to be used, and deal damage. Most Spells do damage, with the exception of the Magic Mirror, Rod of Discord, Dirt Rod, Fairy Bell and Orb of Light. The best Prefix for most spells is "Mythical".


Spells receive bonuses from the following items:

Item Bonuses
Meteor Armor set +21% magic damage.

Space Gun requires no mana.

Jungle Armor set +60 maximum mana.

+9% magical critical strike chance.
-16% mana usage.

Ancient Cobalt Armor set

+60 maximum mana.
+9% magical critical strike chance.
-16% mana usage.

Hallowed Armor set

(with Hallowed Headgear)

+100 maximum mana.

+12% magic damage and critical strike chance.
-20% mana usage.

Cobalt Armor set

(with Cobalt Hat)

+40 maximum mana.

9% increased magical critical strike chance.
-14% mana usage.

Palladium Armor set

(with Palladium Headgear)

+60 maximum mana.

+15% magic damage.
+12% magic critical strike chance.

Mythril Armor set

(with Mythril Hood)

+60 maximum mana.

+15% magical damage.
-17% mana usage.

Orichalcum Armor set

(with Orichalcum Headgear)

+80 maximum mana.

+24% magic critical strike chance.

Titanium Armor set

(with Titanium Headgear)

+100 maximum mana.

+13% critical strike chance.
+23% magic damage.

Adamantite Armor set

(with Adamantite Headgear)

+80 maximum mana

+11% magical damage and critical strike chance.
-19% mana usage

Chlorophyte Armor set

(with Chlorophyte Headgear)

+80 maximum mana

-17% mana usage.
+21% magic damage
+15% critical strike chance

Spectre Armor set

Spectre Hood:

Magic damage done to enemies heals the player with the lowest total health by 20% rounded down

Spectre Mask:

Dealing magic damage to an enemy releases aggressive projectiles that damage foes

+60 maximum mana

-13% mana usage

+5% magic critical hit chance

+5% magic damage

Wizard Hat +15% magic damage.
Crystal Ball

(gives a 10 minute buff called Clairvoyance)

+20 maximum mana.

+5% magic damage.
+2% magic critical hit chance
-2% mana usage

Magic Power Potion +20% magic damage
Spectral Set(Console Only)
+140 maximum mana.

+30 magic damage.
-10 mana usage
+10 magic critical hit chance +40 defense

List of Spells

Pre-Hard Mode

Spell Effect Mana Cost Damage Knockback Use Time
Flower of Fire

Item 112(0)

Casts a bouncing fireball. 10 44 5.5 (Average) 19 (Very Fast)
Magic Mirror

Item 50(0)

Teleports a player back to their Spawn-point. 0 - - -
Magic Missile

Item 113(0)

Creates a shimmering projectile that can be controlled with the mouse; when the mouse is released, the projectile is launched like a missile. 10 22 5 (Average) 16 (Very Fast)

Crimson Rod Crimson Rod 2

Summons a cloud of blood to rain on your foes. 10 12 - -
Water Bolt

Item 165(0)

Slow-moving projectile that bounces off of walls and passes through enemies. 14 17 5 (Average) 16 (Very Fast)
Aqua Scepter

Item 157(0)

Sprays a rapid stream of glowing water that pierces enemies. 7 14 5 (Average) 15 (Very Fast)
Space Gun

Item 127(0)

A gun with fast fire rate that uses mana. 8

(0 with Meteor Armor)

18 0.5 (Extremely Weak) 18 (Very Fast)

Item 64(0)

Creates a piercing spear of thorns that is great against mages and worms. It is one of two magic weapons that passes through walls freely. 12 8 1 (Extremely Weak) 29 (Average)
Dirt Rod

Item 114(0)

Re-position a single block of dirt freely, using the mouse. 5 - - -

Item 65(0)

When swung, 1 pink star will fall from the sky towards where the player clicked. Also deals normal melee damage. 0 60* 5 (Average) 24 (Fast)
Book of Skulls

Item 1313(0)

Fires a flaming skull that pierces multiple targets. Dropped by Skeletron. 12 35 28 (Average) 22 (Fast)

Item 218(0)

Fires a flaming projectile that can be controlled with the mouse; when the mouse is released, the projectile is launched like a missile. 20 34 6.5 (Strong) 19 (Very Fast)
Demon Scythe

Item 272(0)

Creates a scythe-like projectile that slowly accelerates from a standstill in the direction of the mouse click. Pierces 3-5 enemies (precise number not tested) while hitting a single target as many times as possible. 14 35 5 (Average) 19 (Very Fast)
Bee Gun

Item 1121(0)

Shoots bees that follow enemies around the screen, doing continuous damage for a few seconds. 5 7 - 11 (Very Fast)

Amethyst Staff
Item 739(0) Topaz Staff
Item 740(0) Sapphire Staff
Item 741(0) Emerald Staff
Item 742(0)
Ruby Staff
Item 743(0) Diamond Staff
Item 744(0)

Shoots a coloured orb that pierces up to three enemies, but will not pass through blocks. Colour depends on the gem used to craft the staff. 3-5 14-26 3.5-6 (Average) 31-39 (Slow - Very Slow)

*Damage is split between magic and melee.

Hard Mode

Spell Effect Mana Cost Damage Knockback Use Time
Crystal Storm

Item 518(0)

Launches a small, weakly lit crystal that bounces off walls. Can fire at a rate similar to the Megashark. 4 26 5 (Average) 6 (Insanely Fast)
Laser Rifle

Item 514(0)

Fires a blue projectile similar to the Space Gun, but more powerful. Furthermore, it has a very fast rate of fire. Unlike the Space Gun, the Meteor Armor does not remove its mana cost. 8 29 2.5 (Very Weak) 11 (Very Fast)
Flower of Frost

Item 1264

Fires a bouncing iceball. 17 53 6.5 (Insane Strong) 19 (Very Fast)
Frost Staff

Item 726o

Fires a a shard of ice that can pierce one enemy. 10 44 5 (Average) 19 (Very Fast)
Magical Harp

Item 494(0)

Fires a musical note projectile that bounces off of walls and goes through enemies. The speed at which the projectile moves depends on the distance from your character to where your mouse cursor is. 4 30 0 (None) 11 (Very Fast)
Rainbow Rod

Item 495(0)

Creates a randomly colored projectile that can be controlled with the mouse; when the mouse is released, the projectile is launched like a missile. 18Icon pc
10Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 Icon mobile
72Icon pc
84Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 Icon mobile
5 (Average) 14 (Very Fast)
Cursed Flames

Item 519(0)

Fires in a way similar to the Flower of Fire. It inflicts the Cursed Inferno debuff upon contact with enemies. 14 35 6.5 (Strong) 19 (Very Fast)
Magic Dagger

Item 517(0)

Summons a small golden dagger that flies towards your cursor in a curved path, affected by gravity. 7 40 2 (Very Weak) 7 (Insanely Fast)
Ice Rod

Item 496(0)

Summons a glowing block of ice that breaks after a few seconds. 7 26 1 (Extremely Weak) 16 (Very Fast)
Fairy Bell

Item 425(0)

Summons a fairy which follows player for 5 minutes projecting large amounts of light. 40 - - -
Nettle Burst

Item 788(0)

A much extended version of the Vilethorn that produces a wavy vine in a single direction even through walls to cause damage. 12 24 1 (Extremely Weak) 24 (Fast)
Crystal Vile Shard

Crystal Vile Shard

An upgraded Vilethorn that creates a massive crystal spike and goes through walls 13 19 3.25 (Weak) 35 (Slow)
Wasp Gun

Item 1155(0)

A directly upgraded form of the bee gun. 6 14 0 (None) 10 (Very Fast)
Leaf Blower

Leaf Blower 3

Rapidly shoots razor sharp leaves. 5 42 3 (Very Weak) 7 (Insanely Fast)
Rainbow Gun

Item 1260(0)

Fires an arching rainbow that cause continuous damage. 20 43 2 (Very Weak) 39 (Very Slow)
Unholy Trident

Item 683(0)

Summons purple trident-like projectiles similar to that summoned by the Red Devil. 14 67 6.5 (Strong) 29 (Average)
Poison Staff

Item 1308(0)

Fires 4-5 poison bolts which pierce enemies, but cannot go through blocks. 12 48 5.6 (Average) 35 (Very Slow)
Shadowbeam Staff

Item 1444(0)

Fires a purple beam that bounces off of blocks and is cast instantaneously, meaning the beam reaches full length as soon as the mouse is clicked. 7 53 3.25 (Weak) 15 (Very Fast)
Magnet Sphere

Item 1266(0)

Summons a green sphere that floats in the direction clicked for 7 seconds or until a solid block is hit. While summoned, the sphere will fire quick bolts at any enemy within a short range of it. 14 48 6 (Average) 19 (Very Fast)
Inferno fork

Item 1445(0)

Fires a flaming projectile that explodes for initial damage and then leaves an Inferno fire hazard for further damage. 14 65 8 (Very Strong) 29 (Average)
Nimbus Rod

Item 1244(0)

Summons up to two clouds, similar to that summoned by the Crimson Rod, that rains projectiles directly below it. 10 36 0 (None) -
Rod of Discord

Item 1326(0)

A teleportation tool dropped by Chaos Elementals. At any location that the player clicks, the player will be teleported there in a pink flash. Glitches arise when used with a Gravitation Potion. Using the rod more than once in a 8 second period will deal damage equal to 16.67% of the caster's total HP.

- - - -
Spectre Staff

Item 1446(0)

The staff fires magic-based, homing projectiles that seek to destroy the nearest opponent. 9 68 6 (Average) 23 (Fast)
Golden Shower

Item 1336(0)

Fires a Golden Bolt which gives the Ichor debuff. 4 28 4 (Weak) 17 (Very Fast)
Bat Scepter

Item 1801

Summons 1-3 homing bats that seek out enemies. 3 45 4 (Weak) 20 (Very Fast)
Last Prism

Item 3541(0)

The Last Prism is an endgame-tier spell that can be dropped by the Moon Lord. It must be used continuously for maximum effect, as it channels a myriad of rainbow beams into a single large beam over a few seconds. Each beam travels until it hits a solid block and pierces enemies infinitely until then. 12 58 0 (None) 10 (Very Fast)
Blizzard Staff

Item 1931o

Showers the area in which the player clicks with icicles, which have a small homing range. The icicles cannot pass through blocks. 5 58 4.5 (Average) 9 (Insanely Fast)

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