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v296Spelunker Potion
Item 296
Type Potion
Bonus Shows the location of treasure and ore
Duration 5 Minutes
Max Stack 30
Consumable Yes
Found In Chest
Sell Value 2 SilverCoin Small 
Crafted With Bottled Water
Gold Ore/Platinum Ore
Crafted At Alchemy Station
The Spelunker Potion gives a slight yellow glow to all nearby ore, chests, pots, Crystal Hearts, gemstones, Life Fruits and alchemical plants (such as Blinkroot and Daybloom). When consumed, the player will receive a Spelunker buff that has a duration of 5 minutes.
Terraria - Spelunker Potion(01:31)

This potion is most useful when used with full screen and a high resolution. This way, it shows many more ores than it would otherwise be showing in windowed mode. This is more useful in jungle or corruption biomes, as they have more ores than others. However, many ores look the same; Copper Ore can be easily mistaken for Adamantite Ore. Hellstone is the only ore that is unaffected by Spelunker Potions, this is probably because Hellstone is always close to lava and is self-illuminated. This potion is very useful in the Underground Jungle, after hard-mode to mine Chlorophyte.


  • An easy way to distinguish Adamantite ore from Copper ore is the Adamantite's more violet appearance, as opposed to the Copper being more of a red.
  • It is recommended to use a Spelunker Potion and fly/grapple along the roof of the underworld to find any of the 3 hardmode ores, especially Adamantite Ore, because they can be found in abundance at that depth.
  • The Spelunker Potion is arguably the most expensive potion, due to the non-renewable Gold/Platinum Ore that it requires.
  • It also appears to highlight Bound NPCs.


  • From version 1.2 to 1.2.3, any ores found using the Spelunker Potion were recorded and labeled on the map, meaning that it was not necessary to immediately collect them.

Update Info


  • Changed glow color from purple to yellow.
  • Spelunker no longer gives off light. This prevents ore from showing up on the map.
  • Spelunker now causes ore to be gold colored on the screen.


  • Added to the game.


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