The Spore Sac is an accessory obtained from Treasure Bags dropped by Plantera in Expert Mode.


  • The spores spread around the player on either side, laying lower to the ground.
  • Spores cannot appear in liquids.
  • The spores will slowly gravitate towards nearby enemies and deal an impressive amount of damage to lower end monsters.
  • The spores have a glowing effect at night, but do not emit any significant light. 
  • Approximately 8 spores will appear around the player at any given time.
  • This item is ideal for situations like mining, building, or fishing. Its high damage output and "minefield" effect provide enough protection to allow swapping to armor/equipment that provides a bonus to these activities, even in hostile environments.
  • Like Summoned Creatures, the spores do not discriminate between Critters/Bait and Monsters. It is best to remove this item when hunting bait.
  • Wearing this near the Post-Plantera Dungeon is dangerous, as the spores will damage and likely kill the Cultists, summon the Lunatic/Ancient Cultist, and possibly start the Celestial Event prematurely.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.