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Ambox warning blue.svg This article pertains to content which exists in the game's code, but is inaccessible in-game!

What this means is that the topic of this article can only be seen through the use of third-party tools. It may or may not be available legitimately at any point in the future.

v948Steampunk Wings
Item 948   Wings 12
Type Accessory
Body Slot Accessory Slot
Flight Height Tier 5 (182 ft)
Quality Tier 8 (Yellow)
Sell Value 8 GoldCoin Small 
This item cannot be crafted.
The Steampunk Wings is an accessory which is currently unobtainable without the use of third-party tools.


  • It was rumored that the Steampunk Wings would be added in either the 2013 Halloween update or in v1.2.1, however this ended up being untrue. Since the Halloween update, the wings appear to cause no damage when wearing them. They may be able to be legitimately obtained in game, but so far the source is unknown.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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