The Sun while in the center of the screen, indicating it is 12:00pm. (Noon)

The Sun is an object that appears floating in the sky during the day. Before obtaining a Watch or building a Grandfather Clock, it is a good way to tell the time. Unlike in real life, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. This is useful for determining which direction a Goblin Army or Frost Legion is approaching from.

The sun graphics have been updated in 1.2, however, when using the sunglasses, the sun switches back to its old design.

How to tell the time using the sun:

Early Morning: The Sun will be on the far left of your screen.

Noon: The Sun will be in the middle of your screen.

Evening: The Sun will be on the far right of your screen.


Terraria Sunglasses 1.2

The sun with and without Sunglasses on.

  • If you are wearing Sunglasses, the sun will also wear sunglasses. In Multiplayer only people that have sunglasses on will be able to see them on the sun (this also works if you are wearing them in the vanity slot).
  • On the title screen, the sun can be grabbed and moved around. This also works with the moon.