v824Sunplate Block
   Item 824
Type Block
Sub-Type Material
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 999
Quality Tier 0
Found In Floating Islands
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With Makes 25
25 Stone
1 Fallen Stars or
4 Disc Wall
Crafted At Sky Mill
Material In Disc Wall
Sunplate Clock
Skyware Bathtub
Skyware Bed
Skyware Bookcase
Skyware Candelabra
Skyware Candle
Skyware Chair
Skyware Chandelier
Skyware Door
Skyware Dresser
Skyware Lamp
Skyware Lantern
Skyware Piano
Skyware Platform
Skyware Sofa
Skyware Table
Skyware Work Bench

Sunplate Blocks can be found naturally on Floating Islands. They appear yellow as a single block, but if two blocks are put together, the material appears to be blue where the blocks meet. Making a 2x3 arrangement shows more blue material in the middle of the blocks, and the blue area continues to grow as the arrangement thickens. If you put 3x3 of this block into a square, the middle block will turn into a blue sunplate block.
Furniture can be made from Sunplate Blocks at a Sky Mill.

Sunplate Block

Floating Island Houses are made out of Sunplate Blocks.

Update Info


  • Can now be crafted at a Sky Mill using 25 stone and 1 fallen star.


  • Became a crafting material.


  • Added to the game.