The Terra Blade is one of the most difficult swords to acquire in the game. It can be swung continuously, and fires a fast-moving, low-use time magical sword. This projectile will travel nearly indefinitely if untouched, otherwise it dissipates when it hits three enemies, or hits a solid block.



Terra Blade's projectile

  • During a blood moon, the projectile swords turn mostly yellow.
  • The projectiles move slower in water.
  • The highest prefix is Godly in the Nintendo 3DS version.


  • The name Terra Blade may be a combination of Terraria and Blade.
  • The name might also come from the Latin word Terra, which means earth.
  • Unlike it's components, it has Auto-Use.
  • The weapon is possibly a representation of purity, as its ingredients come from both light (True Excalibur) and darkness (True Night's Edge) to form a green (the color of nature) blade.
  • The Influx Waver can be considered as an upgrade of it.
  • It's recipe involves 8 usable weapons, though this is technically 7 because Light's Bane and Blood Butcherer are exchangeable when making Night's Edge.


  • Despite being a melee weapon, the Terra Blade cannot be swung while the player has the Silenced debuff.
  • The Terra Blade's projectile can be fired through angle blocks.
  • On the Mobile Version of Terraria, the beam from the Terra Blade is slightly displaced, possibly from the same bug as the Scourge of the Corruptor.
  • On the Mobile Version, when walking backwards and swinging the weapon, the sprite of the Terra Blade is reversed.

Update Info


  • No longer crafted with a Broken Hero Sword.
  • New sound when swung.
  • Damage increased from 88 to 95.


  • Now autoswings.


  • The "ping" has been removed.
  • Increased the damage of Terra Blade.
  • Terra Blade shoots beams more rapidly.


  • Added to the game.