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TOW Transparent Logo Small

Terraria: Otherworld logo

Terraria: Otherworld is an upcoming game being developed by Re-Logic and Pipeworks.[1] It was originally teased via a video on Engine Software's YouTube channel in November of 2014.[2]

Returning Features

  • Generated worlds made of many modifiable Blocks and Walls, including Soils and Ores.
  • Background tiles such as Furniture, Trees, and other Plants.
  • Liquids such as Lava and Water.
  • Health and Mana.
  • Dynamic Time and Weather.
  • Tools such as Swords, Axes, Pickaxes, Hammers, Bows.
  • Armor, Accessories, and Vanity items.
  • Coins and other Items dropped from Enemies.


  • The Corruption
  • Crystal Cave
  • The Core
  • The Crimson


  • Amethyst Staff
  • Topaz Staff
  • Minishark
  • Copper Coin

New Features

  • Many unknown new blocks, items, furniture, and enemies.
  • A defensive style of gameplay, featuring turrets that are able to be upgraded and customized.
  • Dedicated Wings equip slot.
  • More ways to fight the corruption.
  • New corrupted forms of blocks, such as Dirt and Snow.
  • More weather, such as lightning.
  • New enemies; Crystal Archer, Triffid, and Scavenger.
  • New Crafting Station, Zinc Anvil.
  • A quest system.
  • Swing grappling.
  • Crimother


  • Ebondirt Block
  • Gold Plated Tomahawk
  • Striking Trident
  • Hellbender
  • Holy Staff
  • Ore Buster
  • Promethium Spear
  • Vampire's Kiss


Terraria otherworld official trailer

Terraria: Otherworld teaser

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