Item 2208
Type Item
Max Stack 99
Quality Tier 0
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 16 Glass
Crafted At Furnace
Material In Bird Cage
Black Scorpion Cage
Blue Jay Cage
Buggy Cage
Bunny Cage
Cardinal Cage
Duck Cage
Enchanted Nightcrawler Cage
Frog Cage
Glowing Snail Cage
Gold Bird Cage
Gold Bunny Cage
Gold Frog Cage
Gold Grasshopper Cage
Gold Mouse Cage
Gold Squirrel Cage
Gold Worm Cage
Grasshopper Cage
Grubby Cage
Mallard Duck Cage
Mouse Cage
Penguin Cage
Red Squirrel Cage
Scorpion Cage
Sluggy Cage
Snail Cage
Squirrel Cage
Worm Cage

 The Terrarium is placeable item that can contain a number of various passive creatures. The passive creatures can be caught with the Bug Net. The Terrarium, however, cannot be stacked on top of each other and only one creature can be placed inside it.

Update Info


  • New critters added as well as Golden critters.


  • Fixed cages not animating correctly.


  • Added to the game.