The Horseman's Blade is a sword that is dropped by the Pumpking, a boss monster who appears during the Pumpkin Moon event. When an enemy is hit, (doesn't work on players) a homing pumpkin head will come into the screen from one of the four corners. It is (with the homing pumpkin heads) the highest melee DPS possible to be attained, as it will ravage bosses very quickly. It can be seen as an upgrade to the Bee Keeper.


  • The pumpkin heads summoned by the weapon can pass through walls.
  • To create a swarm of homing pumpkins, one can easily kill statue spawned mobs. Critters don't seem to cause this behavior however.
  • The pumpkin heads seem to either take a long time to despawn, or don't despawn at all despite flying off screen. They can come back to seek out a target that spawns later on if it fails to attack anything the first time it's spawned.
  • If used in the dungeon, the homing pumpkins will start flying around circles over and over, chasing Spike Balls and Blazing Wheels, if there are any. However it can't hit them because they are invincible.
  • Despite being called The Horseman's Blade, the Headless Horseman does not drop this weapon.
  • With the full Dragon Armor set & a legendary prefix, this sword can do 104 damage.


  • The Horseman's Blade and its homing pumpkins may be a reference to The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, in which the main character is chased by his enemy masquerading as the Headless Horseman, who hurls a pumpkin at him.
    • However, this weapon is not dropped by the enemy it's referencing to. It's Pumpking who drops it, not Headless Horseman.

Update Info



  • Added to the game.