The Player is a reference concerning the person who plays Terraria. A player may choose to either play Multiplayer with other players and NPCs, or to play Single player only with NPCs (Non-Player Characters.) The player can choose from a variety of Clothing, Colors and Tools to make him or her look different from others.

The player can choose to insert items into Social Slots. The items inserted may be Vanity Items, which were meant only to worn in Social Slots, or an Armor Piece, in which case it will be shown instead of the current armor equipped but will not increase any stats. For example: If you are wearing a full Molten Armor set in the Armor slots, you will gain all of its buffs etc., but if you wear a full Shadow Scale set in the social slot, only the Shadow Scale armor and its special animation will be shown.

The player can provoke some things the NPCs cannot, for example: Only a player can provoke a boss to awake, and only a player can build a home, which NPCs can live in.

Character Customization

The character is created by the player when creating a new profile. It can be customized using the following options:

  • Hair Style
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Skin Color
  • Shirt Color

Colors can be mixed using values of red, green, and blue (RGB.)

The colors you can set are fully customizable, but the total of the three values (Red + Green + Blue) must be at least equal to 150. Thus, you could have Red and Green be set to 0, but Blue must then be set to 150. Because of this, the darkest balanced color you can choose, as in having all values the same, is 50/50/50. It is worth noting that a character's inventory will be transferred across all worlds that you make, meaning that if you use several characters on the same world, they all will have unique inventories. Each character can also set different spawn points.


As of the update, players can now choose their clothing style via the style button.They wear a long-sleeved undershirt covered by a button-up T-shirt. Their pants are long and go slightly beyond their ankles, and their shoes are solid colored. They also wear a belt determined by the shirt color for their default style.


Main article: Inventory

The inventory has 10*5=50 slots, allowing the player to carry the contents of one chest or a Piggy Bank, plus the hotbar.

Each inventory slot, in accordance to each item's max stack, can contain 999 or 99 pieces of an item, becoming 49950 pieces of sand or 4950 pieces of mushroom, for instance, respectively.