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The Underground is the term for the vast area which stretches from around sea level ("Level" according to a Depth Meter) all the way down to the bottom of a world.


You can tell where you are in the Underground by the background, which corresponds to one of three layers: the dirt layer (brown, rocky background; not to be confused with Dirt Walls), the stone layer (grey background), and The Underworld (grey-black background interlaced with lava veins).

Upon reaching the dirt layer, the music will change to the Underground theme. This music will remain until the Underworld is reached, at which point it will change to the Underworld theme.

Ores, pots, chests, and water can be found anywhere underground. Demon Altars can also be found at any depth, though not very frequently outside of the Corruption. Lava replaces water near the bottom of the Stone Layer. The Underground is also the only place to find natural Glowing Mushroom biomes.


All Layers

Stone Layer


Main article: The Underworld
Terraria underwater mushroom biome

Underground mushrooms under water


Chests may contain:

Pots may contain:

Items not found in pots or chests:


  • The Underground is the only place where Glowing Mushroom biomes naturally occur.

Technical Note

In the dirt layer, one can place Wood Platforms and blocks freely on the back wall. This allows for players to easily maneuver the dirt layer and get out of it.

This is not the case in the stone layer or below. You can only place blocks adjacent to other blocks, making pillaring the safest way out (unless you have a Grappling Hook, Ivy Whip or other flight/climbing item to use).

This may prove a problem for new players who've dug too deep. Instead of placing platforms (which require walls to the sides) it is advised that new players place dirt or other building materials below them to create a tower back up ("Pillaring").


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