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v Tiki Spirit
Tiki Spirit   Tiki Spirit (buff)
Type Monster
Sub Type Pet
HP N/A Heart
Summoned By Tiki Totem

The Tiki Spirit is a pet summoned when the player uses the Tiki Totem which can only be purchased from the Witch Doctor after hardmode when he is living in the Surface Jungle.


  • Whenever the player is moving with the Tiki Spirit summoned, it will face the way the player faces, even when falling or ascending. When standing still, it will turn facing front to left to back to right.
  • It follows the player by hovering above them, similarly to the Pet Wisp. However, unlike the Wisp, the Tiki Spirit will not fly ahead or behind the player if they are running.
Terraria 1.2 - Tiki Totem Spirit Pet (New Terraria 101:38

Terraria 1.2 - Tiki Totem Spirit Pet (New Terraria 1.2 Items)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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