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v342Tiki Torch
Tiles 93      Item 342
Type Furniture
Sub-Type Light Source
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 99
Quality Tier 0
Sell Value 1 SilverCoin Small
Crafted With 3 Wood
1 Torch
Crafted At Work Bench

The Tiki Torch is a furniture item that can be used as a light source or for decoration purposes. It cannot be held for light like regular Torches.

The Tiki Torch is useful for lighting outdoor areas. It is three blocks high and one block wide. The Tiki Torch lights an area slightly smaller than the Lamp Post.

Terraria Tiki Torch01:34

Terraria Tiki Torch

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

Items Requiring Wood
Ammo Wooden Arrow
Blocks Wood Wall · Wood Platform · Planked Wall · Wooden Beam
Crafting Stations Alchemy Station · Work Bench · Furnace · Loom · Keg · Cooking Pot · Sawmill
Furniture Barrel · Bed · Bench · Bookcase · Wooden Chair · Chest · Dresser · Grandfather Clock · Torch · Mannequin · Piano · Sign · Tiki Torch · Wooden Door · Wooden Table
Tools Wooden Hammer · Copper Pickaxe · Copper Axe · Copper Hammer · Gold Axe · Gold Hammer · Gold Pickaxe · Silver Pickaxe · Silver Axe · Silver Hammer · Iron Pickaxe · Iron Axe · Iron Hammer
Weapons Wooden Sword · Wooden Bow
Consumables Goblin Battle Standard

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