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This page is created for people who have different tips and tricks about the game that they want to share to others

Please don't post guides here, only tips and tricks.


  • Zombies are 2 by 3 blocks in size. As a result, if you place a single block on the floor directly before the door, you may open the door and slay as many Zombies as you like without them coming inside.
  • Monsters will spawn randomly, sometimes directly above you, if you dig a vertical shaft, place some solid blocks above you every ~10 blocks to prevent monsters falling on your head. Another easy way, if you have the resources, is to get a good amount of water into the hole you are digging. It takes a lot of water to allow a water born monster to spawn, and aside from worms all land dweller will float upward in water, meaning that you can see them if the water is shallow enough that you can see the top.
  • You can hide from the Mother Slime in holes; since players are 2 blocks wide and the Mother Slime is 3 blocks wide, the monster cannot follow you to narrow spaces. Look out for when you slay the slime though, as it splits into smaller slimes which can fit in the hole.
  • You should keep away from the Underworld until you have at least an Obsidian Skull and a Cobalt Shield (to avoid being tossed into lava or taking damage from Hellstone) and a mean of flying or Grappling Hook (to cross the larger lava pools).
  • Because you can shoot through Wooden Platforms, you can safely shoot down at enemies (who are pounding your door, for example).
  • When using a boomerang or anything that acts as one, you can throw it directly above 2 monsters and hit both of them on the comeback.
  • The Goblin Invasion or Blood Moon becomes much simpler if you build a large platform in the sky, or fight on a floating island. That way you won't have the additional challenge of protecting your NPCs, as enemies during those events won't kill your NPCs and open doors.
  • The best kind of weapon to use against burrowing monsters is one that will not stop when it hits an enemy. For example any spear, Sunfury, Vilethorn, or Aqua Scepter.
  • Use a ranged weapon with unlimited ammunition such as the Flamarang when attacking a Man Eater. It also helps to use your Grappling Hook or Ivy Whip to hang a ways above the Man Eater.
  • When using a flail type weapon, try to hit the head (every mob with a head). It will hit and fly through the mob and then fly back hitting the mob again.
  • Other good tips and tricks can be found in the Traps page.
  • In PvP, the invisibility potion can be used effectively with your armor on by wearing the Familiar Clothes. (Note; monsters can still see you.)
  • If you want lens or black lens either make lava pits 1 pixel deep in the air, or if you can`t obtain lava make a floating building with windows 2 blocks high, there is a small chance the demon eyes can get through, if they get through back into a corner and constantly swing your sword
  • The only guns that are recommended to kill Skeletron Prime and The Twins, are the Megashark or the Star Cannon . All other types of weapons are very inefficient against these bosses, because you need to do very large damage in very short time.
  • Boomerangs and Flails can glitch through a block, this can be useful if you're trapped in an enclosed area with monsters surrounding you.
  • The Star Cannon can glitch through 3 blocks, making this a handy glitch.
  • Trapping monsters in a hole can be very useful during a Blood Moon and a Goblin Invasion. An easy way to do this is by digging a hole deeper than you can jump in depth and two blocks wide. After that, you might consider putting a roof over your hole so that any mobs that are walking toward it can't jump over it. They will fall into the hole and await their demise of endless Spikey Balls.

Moving around

  • If you're falling a large height (or any which will induce damage) and are carrying a Grappling Hook, Dual Hook, or Ivy Whip, fire it directly downwards. When it catches on something, you will not take any fall damage. Using Cloud in a Bottle's double jump or Rocket Boots shortly before impact will also prevent fall damage.
  • While dealing with water and Lava, remember that placing a block in the liquid will override that block of liquid, allowing you to build air pockets when in tricky situations. This is especially useful in tunneling through lava using sand to get through quickly and safely. (As for 1.1, only Silt Blocks can soak up liquids)
  • While exploring underground lakes, consider digging artificial air pockets and traps to allow breathing, placement of torches, and movement between lakes and caves. (example)
  • If you use a Grappling Hook or Ivy Whip on the bottom block of a closed door then open it, you will get launched at maximum velocity. This is useful with the Hermes Boots equipped.
  • If you use a Grappling Hook or Ivy Whip and shoot the ground far in front of you then press jump, you can move long distances extremely quickly. NOTE: This only works on flat ground as you will not get caught in pits.
  • It's a good idea to carry a Piggy Bank in your inventory, as they work like chests but can be picked up with items in them, since items aren't stored in any one specific Piggy Bank, but stored in an inventory that can be accessed from any Piggy Bank. Piggy Bank must be placed on Table or Wood Platform . I advise Platforms since they can be useful in other ways as well. Carrying a Piggy Bank and Platforms will essentially extend your inventory by a whole chest's worth. Have a Piggy Bank back at your home as well, and empty it out when you get back, so it will be empty if you need it. You could even carry a Safe with you as well to extend your inventory even further as the Piggy Bank and Safe have separate inventories.
  • If you are far away from your spawn and want to return quickly without using a Magic Mirror, simply leave the map and return. You will always start at your spawn regardless of where you left off.
  • If you want a safe journey through a biome then build a bridge through with blocks you might want to get rid of.


  • To lock a door (usually to prevent enemies from entering during a Blood Moon), simply place a block on the inside/outside of the door. This will prevent the door from opening in that direction. Similarly, most furniture will also block the opening of a door. For a more aesthetic approach place two doors slightly apart from each other. If the inside door is left open in an outward direction it will block enemies from pushing open the outer door. This can be useful because you don't need to worry about barricading all your doors during a Blood Moon because they are already blocked off, but still usable.
  • An open door allows you to place sand on top of it. when the door is closed the sand falls down, allowing you to make traps.
  • An example of sand doortrap.
  • When you close the door, the sand falls
  • If you ever need to take a break, you can build yourself into a hole to keep enemies out. However, beware of earth worms, Goblin Sorcerers, Dark Casters, or Fire Imps.
  • If you are playing Single Player and Autopause in the options menu is enabled, you can click outside of the window to freeze the game for any amount of time.
  • If you need to light up an area underwater, replace a block that is 2 spaces away from the water with a torch.
  • When building the back wall for tall buildings the Ivy Whip can be used to position yourself in the middle of the room.
  • One block of lava can spread over 5 spaces on a flat surface. This lava will still cause damage, but will not destroy any items and thus is a good way to make traps for item recollection. Just try to collect the items under the lava, unless you want to risk dying.
    Lava Trashcan

    by digging one block up from the ground making a 1x3 hole, digging down making a pit, then dropping lava down, you can make a lava trashcan similar to the ones you can make in Minecraft, which this was inspired by.

  • You can make a trashcan to drop blocks into (as pictured to the right) if you would like to get rid of them in a more interesting way than just placing them in your trashcan slot of your inventory. It only works for "block" items like dirt, stone and ores because "item" drops (such as a potion) have a larger physical mask (area) than "block" drops.


  • If you are in a quick need of ores, create a new world and walk around the surface. There's always some copper and iron laying around and sometimes gold.
  • If you would like to reach the Underworld quickly, make a small map and dig straight down, which is called a Hellevator.
    • While digging a Hellevator, Glowsticks make good mobile light sources so that you can see what you're doing.
  • To light up the floor off a ledge or check how high it is to the ground, press the throw item button (default is Q) to drop a torch. If the glow from the torch is not seen, take caution when jumping down. Torches are also put out in water. Also you can throw a glowstick down if you want to know if there is water as you will be able to see the water being lit.
  • When mining a large chunk of ore from below, dig up into the middle of it and get the top blocks while standing on the bottom blocks. Getting the bottom first often means you need to waste time and effort setting up blocks to stand on or grappling in order to reach the top.
  • Try to drain as much water as possible to the hellworld because - There's less chance to fall in lava - You get a lot of Obsidian - Bone serpents are easier to fight in water while having the flipper equipped and there's a bigger chance of destroying imp shots with a pickaxe in water than above water. As of 1.0.5, water evaporates in the Underworld, so this no longer works. (although, if you drain the ocean into the Underworld, a few pools may remain.

These are tips for your first night your first priority is getting/building a house. Do this by digging a big "hole" in the ground, and use the blocks you gathered to build around you house, this is to prevent monsters like Slimes, Zombies, and Demon Eyes to come to kill you.

  • Now you should try to gather some wood, this is mostly used to make houses for your NPCs that will come later. But most importantly; a workbench.
  • If you haven't played this game so much, consider trapping your guide in a hole in the ground with you and read through all of his tips, so you are prepared for the next day.
  • During your first few nights, it would be wise to go and mine ores and other blocks to make yourself weapons and armors, as you cannot survive for long periods of time while there are Zombies and Demon Eyes.
  • If you are digging, say, a 2 block wide hole downwards, if you have one, throw down a Glowstick. It will fall because it is affected by gravity, but you wont pick it up because you "used" it, not "drop" it.
  • The 3 new ores which are Cobalt Ore, Mythril Ore and Adamantite Ore can only be found after defeating the Wall of Flesh and breaking Demon Altars with the Pwnhammer or better . However, If you break multiple sets of Demon Altars, the corresponding ore will be more common which can be extremely useful for obtaining the new items.
  • If there is lava under you, make a large or small space depending on how much lava there is to put the lava in. You will have to build the pit away from your lava so you have a place to stand or it will fail completely. Then you will build under the place where you are standing so you have a platform in mid air it does not have to be made of platforms. So the lava will drain out of the place the lava is originally to the pit. After that mine the bit of stone or what you are using as a platform and keep on doing this until there is no lava.
  • If there are vines 1 block deep, you can shoot a grapple at the ground and the vines will disappear, use this for exploring closed up caves.
  • You can place torches through blocks as long as it is in your placing radius. This is useful even if a Mining Helmet is equipped.

Glitch Abuse

  • If you dig a hole down below to Underworld or any other place, place water at the top of that hole then quickly ride the water down. This is useful if you do not have the Cloud in a Bottle or a Lucky Horseshoe. (If you are unsure about this glitch, check out this video.) You can also fire a grapple at the ground because you will be pulling yourself to the block and you won`t take any fall damage. Grapples are easy to obtain. (Getting one should take roughly 2 hours)
  • If you put a recorded music box on a table and hold the left mouse then it will multiply and can be sold for two gold each. This has been fixed in patch 1.1.1, but is still usable in 1.1.2.
    Terraria glitch 1.1.2

    the music box glitch in 1.1.2

    Terraria glitch 1.1.2 result

    the result of the glitch


Double any item with the following steps

  • 1. Have whatever you want duplicated in a chest and save your world by quitting normally.
  • 2. Go to where you've installed Terraria. If you've downloaded it from Steam; C:\Program files\Steam\My games\Terraria\worlds (The 'My Games' folder may also be found in 'My Documents'), copy the world that you saved to your desktop or something. (Doesn't matter as long as you find it.)
  • 3. Go in the game and place things you want duplicated into your inventory.
  • 4. Leave the game.
  • 5. Replace your current world with the backup you just made.
  • 6. You now have the original item/stack both in your inventory and in the chest. This works because your inventory and the world is saved separately.

NOTE: Do not try this with a Safe or Piggy Bank. Items in these are saved to your character so it won't work.

TIP: Windowed Mode will likely be faster to open and close, so it is recommended to use that.

Alternative (multiplayer only)
  1. Log into the server you usually play
  2. Pick up every item you want to duplicate, so they remain in your inventory
  3. Disconnect via Inventory menu (default key: Esc)
  4. Reconnect to the server
  5. Move the items you want to duplicate into a Chest (won't work with Piggy Bank)
  6. Press Alt+F4 to close the game without saving your changes
  7. Now go back into the server, and you'll have the items you moved into the Chest in your inventory and inside the chest. Since the game did not save your inventory (which is saved in your computer/another file) because you closed it by using Alt+F4 and thus preventing any saving, you keep your items, while the server keeps the items inside the Chest since they are "saved" on another file/computer.

If you are not on Steam, try this:

  1. Put the objects you want to duplicate in chests on single player mode.
  2. Save the game and enter the same world-with the same player in multiplayer mode.
  3. In multiplayer, put the objects from the chest into your inventory and save.
  4. Re-enter the game in single player, enter the chests that you have placed the duplicated items in and...

You should have the objects you took out in the chest and on your iventory.

Note: This may only work if the objects you wish to duplicate are from THAT world. Though from other peoples worlds from another computer should work. (not yet attempted with piggy bank) 

Money Glitch

This glitch gives the player unlimited money.

1. First, beat Skeletron, and find the Mechanic NPC in the Dungeon.

2. Craft some Active Stone Blocks and set 10 of them in a straight line across the ground.

3. Buy some wire, a wrench, and a lever, then get 3 Gold Chests.

4. Set the Gold Chests 1 block away from each other on the active stone blocks.

5. Set a useless item in each chest, and set the lever next to the active stone blocks.

6. Use the wrench to set wire over all the active stone blocks, connecting them to the lever.

7. Finally, spam the lever and the chests will break, but still be on the blocks, giving you unlimited chests. Sell the chests to a vendor NPC, and this should give you about one Platinum coin.

Note: To perform this cheat, defeating Skeletron is required.

Note: This cheat only works in a older version of this game.


When building a home(see home) for a NPC to move in, a workbench qualifies as a table


  • You can make 3 Torches from 1 Wood and 1 Slime Gel. These sell to the Merchant for 10 copper each (30 per craft), it quickly adds up.
  • You can make 2 Bottles from 1 Glass (from 2 sand) which sell for 10 copper each, 20 per craft. This means each block of sand is worth 10 copper.
  • You can make 2 Lesser Healing Potions from 2 Bottles, 2 Slime Gel and 1 Mushroom. The limiting factor here are the mushrooms and it would be more profit per time spent just selling the bottles, not to mention how useful healing potions are.
  • You can make 1 Silk from 10 Cobwebs which sell for 2 silver each. A stack of cobwebs (250) could sell for 50 silver coins, which adds up quickly.
  • You can make 1 Obsidian Skull from 20 Obsidian blocks which sell for 54 silver each. Obsidian can be easily obtained from an Obsidian generator as soon as you find lava.
  • When going caving it isn't uncommon to find a few dart traps, The traps sell for 20 silver each and pressure plates 10 silver each making this a good source of money when mining without selling any ores

Shop NPCs:

  • If you want to buy large quantities of an item, simply hold down your right mouse button.

General help

  • In the Underworld: If you plan on staying for a while and want to avoid having to re-travel there later, you can build a shelter and set it as your new spawn point. Create a small room with a bed, a light, and a back wall, then set it as your spawn point. When you're ready to leave The Underworld break the bed, and then when you die again you will resume spawning at the original spawn point for the map. Beware of fire imp`s, they can shoot through walls!
  • As of version 1.0.2, you can craft large stacks of items by holding down right mouse button.
  • On the opening menu you can move the sun and moon by clicking and dragging them across the sky.

This tip is for finding things that are good for a newbie character without any pro tools. Before you start, remember that you should do this after the night has cleared and you see no signs of night monsters (so that you have plenty of time!). Also, keep an eye on your spawn point! Make sure your spawn point is safe from monster attacks (common ones, like Slimes, Zombies, and Demon Eyes).

  • Make sure you already have tools that can fight off easy monsters. A broadsword is good enough (you won't want shortswords that only stab forward. Broadswords are dependable, you swing them!).
  • Go to either the left or the right side of the map. You may want to avoid the Corruption biome if you aren't ready for the Eater of Worlds. But if you bump to the Desert biome, don't worry, the Vultures can be easily killed by a swinging weapon and you will be able to kill Antlions before they kill you (even though you can be damaged).
  • While traveling, make sure you mark every chests, pots, ores, and other treasures you find. Take the chests you find along with you (if reachable) and mine every ore you find even if it's deep down. Don't forget to make a path out.
  • Keep going. Don't worry about a spawn-point-come-back path. If you plan on coming back to the area you've explored safely and quickly though, then make one. When it's starting to get night or it IS night and you see Zombies and Demon Eyes, press Esc and click Save & Exit. When you come back, you will be at your spawn point. And you have the items you've been hunting! A great way to not take the risk of dying.
  • The other hint is to not be afraid. Make sure you grab and prepare every healing items you find (Lesser Healing Potions, Mushrooms, etc.) and if you feel like the Potion Sickness takes too long and you're surrounded by enemies that are difficult to kill, just rest there. The point of these tips are to get useful items without dying.

Prevent dropping items/using Potions

  • Many players have the problem that they accidentally drop their item. To prevent this simply change the drop key (Default "Q") to "K" or any similar key. It should be very difficult to accidentally press that key.
  • Another common problem happens with the 'buff' hotkey (Default B), that uses 1 of each potion you have on your inventory, granting all of its effects. You can, in this case, change the hotkey button too, in the settings - controls menu.

Money making

  • The Eater of Worlds drops Shadow Scales and always drops over 100 Demonite Ore. 1 Shadow Scale sells for 1 silver each. 1 stack of 99 Demonite Ore sells for over 7 gold coins and a stack of Demonite Bars can sell for more, almost double the amount. This means once you have late game gear, you can fight the Eater of Worlds over and over and easily farm some money.
  • Newer players (mid-tier recommended) and players in a hurry for quick money, have the option to hunt down Jungle Slimes, as each one killed drops at least 5 silver coins. While it may seem small (compared to the above method), know this, the amount of coins that they drop is at par (or even above) with the amount that some hardcore monsters drop. This makes these slimes an incredibly easy way to earn coins (especially before the Wall of Flesh).
  • Get two goldfish and a bottle of water and make a Fishbowl which sells for 20 silver but when you sell the ingredients separate it would get you two silver and four copper.
  • A fairly decent cash-making method for post-hardmode players would be mining Crystal Shards in the underground hallow biome. Be wary of the Chaos Elementals, though.


  • If you summon the Eater of Worlds in the Underground Corruption, every segment of it has a chance to drop Soul of Night. This can be used to farm Soul of Night for the new items, or for earning some more money.

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