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This item is found only in the console version of Terraria.
v Tizona
Tizona   Tizona-s
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Broadsword
Damage (?) 52 Damagetype melee
Inflicts Bleeding
Speed very Fast
Knockback Average
Quality Tier 5 (Magenta)
Tooltip Has a chance to cause Bleeding
Sell Value 6 GoldCoin Small 
Continuous Attack Yes
Crafted With 20 Adamantite Bars
2 Excaliburs
15 Souls of Blight
Crafted At Mythril Anvil
The Tizona is the most powerful sword in the console version of the game. It is a tier beyond Hallowed. Being crafted with 2 Excaliburs, 20 Adamantite Bars, and 15 Souls of Blight, this sword is quite costly. Its sprite is a recolored version of the Excalibur.

It uses a broadsword-style attack pattern and is able to attack continuously (moonwalking included). A flaming particle effect is shown when the sword is swung, similar to that of the Meteor Armor. The sword has a chance to cause the debuff "Bleeding".


  • Tizona is the name of the sword carried by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, El Cid, which was used to fight the Moors in Spain according to the Cantar de Mio Cid. The name Tizón translates to "burning stick", or "firebrand".
  • Its green colour matches that of the Dragon Armor, which is a melee armour.


Update Info

Console Release

  • Introduced.

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