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Tools are items which help the player obtain materials, collect and build blocks and fluids, add or remove wire, or help the player move about the environment. Tools are not placed or equipped. They are used like weapons and sometimes have hotkeys. Left Shift is often used to "smart switch" to a useful tool based on what is under the cursor.


In alphabetical order.

Block removal Tools:

Movement Tools:

Placement Tools:

Other Tools:

Detailed List

(Quantity order)

Pickaxes Pickaxe

Pickaxes are used to mine most blocks and collect ores. They are the main tool of use in the game.

Axes Axe

Axes are used to obtain wood by destroying trees and mining living wood. Axes also include Waraxes.

Name Power Speed
Copper Axe Copper Axe 35% Slow
Tin Axe Tin Axe 40% Average
Iron Axe Iron Axe 45% Average
Lead Axe Lead Axe 50 % Average
Terraria Silver Axe Silver Axe 50% Very Fast
Tungsten Axe Tungsten Axe 55% Average
Terraria Gold Axe Gold Axe 55% Very Fast
Platinum Axe Platinum Axe 60% Fast
Item 991(1) Cobalt Waraxe 70% Slow
Item 1222(1) Palladium Waraxe 75% Slow
War Axe of the Night War Axe of the Night 75% Average
Item 799(1) Blood Lust Cluster 75% Slow
Item 992(1) Mythril Waraxe 85% Slow
Item 1223(1) Orichalcum Waraxe 90% Slow
Item 993(1) Adamantite Waraxe 100% Slow
Item 1224(1) Titanium Waraxe 105% Slow
Item 1233(1) Chlorophyte Greataxe 115% Average

Hammer Hammer

Hammers are used to mine and brake wall blocks. It is also used to brake special items and change the formation of blocks.

Hammer Power Speed
Terraria Wooden Hammer Wooden Hammer 25% Average
Terraria Copper Hammer Copper Hammer 35% Slow
Rich Mahogany Hammer Rich Mahogany Hammer 35% Slow
Tin Hammer Tin Hammer 38% Slow
Shadewood Hammer Shadewood Hammer 40% Average
Ebonwood Hammer Ebonwood Hammer 40% Average
Iron Hammer Iron Hammer 45% Average
Lead Hammer Lead Hammer 43% Average
Terraria Silver Hammer Silver Hammer 45% Average
Pearlwood Hammer Pearlwood Hammer 45% Average
Terraria Gold Hammer Gold Hammer 55% Average
Flesh Grinder Flesh Grinder 55% Very Slow
Terraria The Breaker The Breaker 55% Very Slow
Tungsten Hammer Tungsten Hammer 55% Average
Platinum Hammer Platinum Hammer 59% Average
Terraria Pwnhammer Pwnhammer 80% Average
Chlorophyte Jackhammer Chlorophyte Jackhammer 90% Fast

Chainsaw Chainsaw

Chainsaws are used in the same way as an Axe, only with a lot more speed and less attack.

Name Power Speed
Cobalt Chainsaw Cobalt Chainsaw 70% Fast
Item 1190(1) Palladium Chainsaw 75% Fast
Mythril Chainsaw Mythril Chainsaw 85% Fast
Item 1197(1) Orichalcum Chainsaw 90% Fast
Adamantite Chainsaw Adamantite Chainsaw 100% Fast
Item 1204(1) Titanium Chainsaw 105% Fast
Item 1232(1) Chlorophyte Chainsaw 115% Fast

Drill Drill

Drills are the chainsaws of the Pickaxe; meaning they mine block only with a lot more speed and have less attack.

Name Power Can Mine
Item 385o Cobalt Drill 110% Mythril, Orichalcum and lower.
Item 1189(1) Palladium Drill 130% Adamantite, Titanium and lower.
Item 386o Mythril Drill 150% [Adamantite]], Titanium and lower.
Item 1196(1) Orichalcum Drill 165% Adamantite, Titanium and lower.
Item 388o Adamantite Drill 180% Chlorophyte and lower.
Item 1203(1) Titanium Drill 190% Chlorophyte and lower.
Item 1231(1) Chlorophyte Drill 200% Everything but Lihzard Brick

Pickaxe Axe-Picksaw Pickaxe Axe/Picksaw

The Pickaxe Axe and Picksaw are the combination of both the Pickaxe and the Axe, therefore gaining the ability to mine both blocks and living wood.

Name Pickaxe Power Axe Power Can Mine
Pickaxe Axe Pickaxe Axe 200% 110% Everything but Lihzard Brick
Picksaw(1) Picksaw 210% 125% Everything

Hamaxe Hamaxe

Hamaxes are the combinations of a Hammer and an Axe taking the abilities from both tools. This means the can removes wall blocks, change the formation of blocks, brake special items and mine wood.

Name Hammer Power Axe Power Can Mine
Meteor Hamaxe Meteor Hamaxe 60% 100%
Molten Hamaxe Molten Hamaxe 70% 150%
Spectre Hamaxe Spectre Hamaxe 90% 115%
The Axe(1) The Axe 100% 175%

Item 579o Drax

The Drax (also known as the Hamdrax before V1.2) is the drill edition to the Pickaxe Axe/Picksaw generation of tools. It mines blocks including living wood

Name Pickaxe Power Axe Power Can Mine
Item 579o Drax 200% 110% Everything but Lihzard Brick

Item 1786(0) Sickle

The Sickle is the only way to obtain hay. It is also known as The Haymaker.

Name Speed Use
Item 1786(0) Sickle Fast Harvests grass into hay.

Grappling Hooks Grappling Hooks

Grappling Hooks are a movement tool that pulls a player towards a block. They are automatically hotkey'ed to 'E'.

Name Use
Item 84 Grappling Hook The Standard Grappling Hook.
Item 1236 Amethyst Hook Grappling Hook with small range
Item 1237 Topaz Hook Grappling Hook better range.
Item 1238 Sapphire Hook Grappling Hook good range.
Item 1239 Emerald Hook Grappling Hook with larger range.
Item 1240 Ruby Hook Grappling Hook with a much larger range.
Item 1241 Diamond Hook Grappling Hook with greatly larger range.
Item 185 Ivy Whip Three separate Grappling Hooks with larger range.
Item 437 Dual Hook Two separate Grappling Hooks with greatly larger range.
Item 939 Web Slinger Eight separate Grappling Hooks with average range.

Magic Movement Tools Magic Tools

Magic Tools Is based on the Magic Mirror and the Rod of Discord, both being different ways of teleportation.

Name Use
Item 50 Magic Mirror Teleports oneself to one's spawn point.
Item 1326 Rod of Discord Teleports player to the where the cursor is positioned.

Breathing Reed Breathing Reed

The Breathing reed increases breath and allows to refill breath whilst underwater.

Name Breath increase
Item 186 Breathing Reed Teleports player to the where the cursor is positioned.

Placement Spells Placement Spells

All placement tools are magic items that use very little mana.

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