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Toxikarp   Item 3210
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Ranged Weapon
Damage? 43 Damagetype ranged
Inflicts Debuff Poisoned Poisoned
Use Time 14 (Very Fast)
Knockback 3 (Very Weak)
Highest Prefix? Unreal
Quality Tier 5
Tooltip Spits toxic bubbles
Dropped By Pwnhammer Icon (Hard Mode) Fishing in the Corruption
Drop Rate 0.5% (1:200)
Sell Value 4 GoldCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

The Toxikarp is a ranged weapon obtained by fishing in the Corruption during Hardmode. It does not require ammo, but spits poisonous bubbles in a wide area that will drift forward for a few blocks and then ascend rapidly.


  • The bubbles fired can pass through platforms unscathed.
  • This can be considered the Corruption's version of the Bladetongue.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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