v Traveling Merchant
Type NPC
HP 250 Heart
Defense 15
Drops Peddler's Hat

The Traveling Merchant is an NPC who spawns randomly for one day. He will not move into a house during this time period and will not show up in the list of NPCs. He will only spawn when there are at least two NPCs in the world. He has 25% chance to spawn each day once the condition is met. He will sell 4-10 items per spawn.


Shoots at enemies with a Revolver. (Pre-Hardmode)

Fires off the Pulse Bow at nearby enemies. (Hardmode)


Traveling Merchant's Quotes
  • "Hmm, you look like you could use an Angel Statue! They slice, and dice, and make everything nice!"
  • "Meet me behind <Guide>'s house in about three hours, I think I have something you will find very appealing."
  • "I sell only what I can get. <Clothier> keeps hounding me for exotic clothing."
  • "If you're looking for junk, you've come to the wrong place."
  • "That <Merchant>, he really has no appreciation for a really good deal."
  • "You want two penny farthings!? Make it one and we have a deal."
  • "A thrift shop? No, I only selling the highest quality items on the market." [sic]
  • "I don't refund for 'buyer's remorse...' Or for any other reason, really."
  • "I sell wares from places that might not even exist!"
  • "Combination hookah and coffee maker! Also makes julienne fries!" (A reference to Disney's Aladdin.)
  • "Buy now and get free shipping!"
  • "Come and have a look! One pound fish! Very very good! One pound fish!" Probably a reference to this song.
Traveling Merchant's Names
Note: Upon adding a new name, make sure you add it in alphabetical (ABC) order.
  • Abraham
  • Aedan
  • Aphraim
  • Bohemas
  • Eladon
  • Gallius
  • Llewllyn
  • Mercer
  • Rawleigh
  • Riley
  • Romeo
  • Shipton
  • Willy


  • When the Traveling Merchant leaves after his one day cycle it will say "The Traveling Merchant has departed!" in the chatbox.
  • If you log out of the game while the Traveling Merchant is there, he will be gone when you log back in even though it is still the same day.
  • He is the only NPC whose inventory constantly changes and also leaves without dying.
  • The Traveling Merchant won't depart if the player can see him and will only depart if he goes offscreen.
  • Sometimes he spawns outside the inhabited area and gets killed off-screen, resulting in the game informing you that "<Traveling Merchant name> was slain."
  • Instead of leaving directly at night (7:30PM), he leaves at 6:00PM. The same applies for mornings: he can appear between 4:30AM and 12:00PM.


  • The reason that the Traveling Merchant has different items to be purchased might be that he goes to different regions around the world every time he leaves.
  • His hat with a feather may be a reference to Hermes, the Greek god of merchants, thieves, and travelers.
  • "Combination hookah, coffee maker and makes julienne fries" is a line from the Disney film Aladdin.

Update Info


  • Now sells Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole.
  • Now correctly summoned to King Statue.


  • Added to the game.

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