The Truffle Worm (Material) is the item obtained when capturing a Truffle Worm with a Bug Net.

Truffle Worms can be used as bait for Fishing, and are listed at 666% bait power. When a player fishes with a Truffle Worm in the ocean, Duke Fishron will be summoned (100% chance). Fishing anywhere else using this bait will not catch anything.


  • 666 is commonly known as the Number of the Beast, probably an allusion to that fishing with a Truffle Worm will summon Duke Fishron.
  • When the Truffle Worm is in the player's inventory, the Fisherman's Pocket Guide (and its combined accessories) will display the fishing power simply as "Warning!"

Update Info


  • Fixed issues where the Truffle Worm would be consumed without summoning Duke Fishron.


  • Added to the game.