The UFO Mount is summoned by using the Cosmic Car Key.

Alongside the Drill Mount and Cute Fishron Mount, this is the one of the only mounts to include unlimited flight time. Unlike the Drill Mount, the player may take any action (such as attack or use items) while in the UFO Mount. Unlike the Cute Fishron Mount, the UFO Mount stays at the same speed when touching the ground, but the player automatically dismounts on contact with any liquid.

Top speed is roughly half that of the Mechanical Cart. This makes the UFO Mount a viable replacement for wings when not operating near liquids, freeing up an accessory slot. Players in a UFO Mount are still vulnerable to Ice Golem and Ice Queen freezing attacks and the Medusa petrification attack. The UFO Mount's top speed while moving horizontally/vertically is 41mph, however it can reach 58 mph when moving diagonally.


  • Flying upward with Wings that have a vertical speed boost and then triggering the Cosmic Car Key will confer the speed bonus to the UFO Mount until the direction of travel is changed.
  • Players wishing to defend from other players using this mount can effectively use Bubbles purchased from the Party Girl as "sky mines". Bubbles filled with lava will forcibly dismount any player using a UFO Mount, damage them, and inflict them with the On Fire debuff. For the same reason, if an Arena strategy depends on the UFO Mount, it is inadvisable to involve Bubbles full of honey.


  • The buff description is a reference to the 1988 movie, "Mac and Me" about a alien that is befriended by a boy in a wheelchair.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.