Underworld Houses (also known as Hellhouses or Helldungeons) are common buildings which are located in the Underworld. They are made out of either Hellstone Bricks & Hellstone Walls or Obsidian Bricks & Obsidian Brick Walls.


Underworld houses are usually found within the center third of any given map. As such, the easiest way to find them is by digging a Hellevator at or around the original spawn point. If a player uses the Dungeon or Underground Jungle to access the Underworld in search of Underworld Houses, they may need to move back toward the center of the map to encounter any, since these biomes tend to appear toward the map's edges. Houses can rarely generate under the surface or even extending past the very bottom of the map.


These buildings occasionally contain Shadow Chests and almost always have a relatively large concentration of pots. Depending on the layout, anywhere from just the bottom floor to the entire house can be flooded with lava. Every other non-flooded floor is lit by a single Demon Torch.

Between floors of a Hellhouse, one may find either empty space or sporadically-placed Wood Platforms.

Any given Underworld House will have 0-4 Hellforges, as well.


  • Hellstone Walls are not acquirable in any way. Hellstone Bricks, however, can be mined with a Pickaxe and used as a building material.
  • It is recommended that the player equip an Obsidian Skull/Shield before attempting to explore Underworld Houses which are made of Hellstone Bricks.
  • Be careful when wandering throughout Underworld Houses made of Hellstone Bricks, as they can set the player on fire if they are standing on or against them.

Update Info


  • The appearance of Hellstone Bricks and Obsidian Bricks changed.


  • Now lit with Demon Torches.

PC release

  • Added to the game.